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Ceramic Cup

Aussie multi-roaster cafe offering seasonal single origin coffee for espresso, filter and cold coffee.

We pride ourselves on serving exceptionally curated coffee from around the globe. Our mission is simply to serve the best coffee beans out there, period. Well known roasters we've worked with are Sey Coffee, Seven Seeds, 49th Parallel, La Cabra Coffee, Little Wolf and more.  

All coffees are brewed with attention to precision. From filter coffee to espresso, we utilize a progressive system of coffee to water ratio. We ensure the TDS (total dissolve solids) rate is above 1.35% at all times for all of our filter coffee (hot/cold). Our system guarantees that when you drink any of our beverages, they are extracted to their full potential and are refracted every morning before we open doors to the public. 


We nerd out on coffee. And hope you enjoy it!


...drink it black and drink it bright.

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