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 Páez is a particularly difficult area in which to work because there is a road that runs through it that goes directly to the port of Buenaventura in Valle del Cauca.  Buenaventura is the largest port in Colombia and a thoroughfare for much of the country's drug trafficking as such the areas through Cauca are particularly dangerous.  Because of the strategic location of our purchasing point in La Plata, Huila (on the border of Cauca), producers are able to easily deliver coffee to us without putting any  staff members in harm's way.

The potential for quality in Páez is limitless and the indigenous folk of Cohetando simply need committed buyers like us to take things to the next level.


Location: Resguardo Indigena Cohetando, Páez, Cauca

Altitude: 1600-1900 masl

Varieties: mostly Castillo and Variedad Colombia with some Caturra and Typica

Processing: fully washed

Resguardo Indigena Cohetando | Colombia | Washed

8 Ounces
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